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Could Loma Vista be my new home?

Want to move into an apartment where you can add your colors and arrange your stuff to really look good?


The kitchen has new oak cabinets, stainless steel double sink and countertops color coordinated with the carpet.

Do you like coming home to a get-away resort like atmosphere?


Weve got ferns, lemon bushes, camellias, apricot and loquat trees, a giant avocado tree, a visiting falcon, and a raccoon who lives in a large pine tree.

Many people come in the gates and say something about how peaceful and quiet it is. The complex has been earthquake retrofitted.

Do you have a kitty and does your kitty get lonely when you're on vacation?


Your cat will fit on the windowsills so it can watch sassy squirrels and assorted birds.

Read the first note in the next slide show for a kitty-sitter reference.

What about the managers and my neighbors?


The managers are here you don't have to leave messages and make appointments, and residents appreciate the managers.

The residents, as indicated in the notes in the slideshow, are courteous and considerate.

Residents who work at Stanford and at Google sometimes bike to work.

Several residents have said they've made lasting friendships here.

Is the apartment wired to anything?


You can hook up to our HD antennas and watch a lot of channels for free.

Use of our internal wired broadband comes with the apartment and is available only to residents. Since its wired there are no wireless security concerns.

Every apartment is wired for local/national/international satellite TV.

Speaking of sports, if you have long stuff that you only use now and then you can keep it in your private keyed storage locker that is 8 1/2 feet high instead of propping it in a corner in the living room.

Rent is $1295 with a year lease, $500 deposit ($500 additional if you have a cat).
Location: 1720 California Street, Palo Alto

Call (650)  555-1212.