Arizona Advanced Medicine

Arizona Advanced Medicine is an association of primary care physicians who emphasize prevention of disease, identification and management of health risk, optimization of detoxification and organ functions, and lifestyle intervention in order to extend quality years of life.

Our Physicians

Our doctors have over 70 years of clinical experience in Integrated Medicine. We offer the cutting edge in Anti-Aging/Longevity Medicine, using the best of conventional and alternative medical diagnostics and therapeutics.

We are innovators in our field, constantly exploring our medicine through ongoing clinical trials. We present our outcomes to doctors in medical venues nationally and internationally. You can be sure that our methods produce clinical results.

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Our Clinic Facility

We are in the Shea Medical Plaza at the corner of Shea Blvd. and 74th St. in Scottsdale. We have ample underground parking and ultra-modern faclitities.

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Our Mission

Increasing Longevity by Reducing Risk and Optimizing Function Using the Best of Alternative and Conventional Medicine

Individualized Care

We take the time to listen to you and to dialogue with you. All our workups and treatment protocols are individualized to the person's needs based on the screening questionnaires, physical exam, energy testing, functional testing, and laboratory findings.

We give specific attention to the essential body functions:

  • Digestion and Assimilation (getting things into you)
  • Detoxification and Elimination (metabolizing and getting things out of you)
  • Regulation (monitoring and adjusting internal body processes)

All findings are clearly explained to you: what their significance is to you, and how they affect your health risk. A detailed plan to help you achieve your health goals is developed and enacted with you. This will always include lifestyle evaluation (diet, exercise and stress management) and intervention, if necessary. You are then periodically monitored to assure that you are attaining your goals.We evaluate and treat all kinds of medical conditions, whether acute or chronic, but other doctors refer their patients to us for advice and our expertise in certain areas.

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Clinical Outcomes Tracking

The only way to know if your patients respond to a treatment protocol is to track outcomes. We think that this is essential to making our medicine the best that it can be for our patients. We have ongoing clinical trials in a variety of areas to test the safety and efficacy of products and treatment protocols. Often, participation in a clinical trial will save you some money.

Depending on the trial you may receive discounts or free: office visits, laboratory tests, and medication. If you are interested in participating in a clinical outcomes trial, and to see entry criteria, exclusion criteria and the protocol, please click: Details on Clinical Trials

Our Staff

Our highly trained, friendly staff are happy to help you with scheduling, laboratory information, or purchasing/ordering supplies and supplements. In the office they will assist you with exams, labwork and IV infusions.


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